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Correct Timing...

...based on the Time the Picture was Really taken:

Selects the correct wallpaper depending on the time the picture was taken (not the time the file was created!)

Keep track/ignore the date

Suppose you take a picture every 10 minutes during 48hours, if you keep track track of the date, WallPaper24 will not interleave the WallPapers: When started, WallPaper24 will select the most apprioriate WallPaper for the current time (either day 1 or day 2).

  • Keep Track of the date:Wallpaper24 keeps track of date picture taken.
    • WallPaper24 will every 10 minutes place a new WallPaper on your desktop, following the rithm you took your pictures
    • WallPapers from the second day will only be shown when the WallPapers from first day have been shown
    • Once the last WallPaper from the last day has been shown, the first WallPaper from the first day will be shown
    • Keep in mind, that if there are several days, weeks, months between the date 2 wallpapers have been taken, WallPaper24's update scheme will also incorporate this delay.


  • Ignore the date: Wallpaper24 ignores the date the picture was taken
Suppose you go on holiday, and take a different picture of the same mountain at different times. However, as you don't want to get up early, you only take the morning-pictures the day you leave. Some day you went to bed really late and took some night-pictures of this mountain just before going to bed. In this case, you'd turn on the option: "Ignore Date", as this will set the correct WallPaper at the correct time (noon, morning, evening,...), even though you take the morning pictures at the end of your holidays, the noon pictures at the beginning and the evening pictures in the middle. WallPaper24 will cycle through your WallPapers in 24 hours, even if it took you 3 weeks to collect all shots.
  • Supported File Formats

    • JPEG (Using EXIF information for the time the picture was taken)
    • TIFF
    • BMP
    • PNG

    For non-JPEG files, the time the file was created will be used as time the picture was taken.

    Performance through Indexing

    The WallPaper24 program uses a special indexing mechanism for improved performance. This index is built only once (at the first startup of the application).

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