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WallPaper24 Manual

The WallPaper24 Manual guides you through all the WallPaper24 Features and functions.

General Functioning

WallPaper24 will select a picture from a folder you specified and set your Desktop wallpaper to the picture taken at the current time. Your WallPaper will be changed dynamically to the picture taken at the current time.

Dynamically changing of WallPapers can be stopped without exiting the application. This is a great feature if you need maximal resources (for example when gaming).


By default, WallPaper24 runs minimized in the System Tray (Mountain Icon). Right Click on it, and choose "Show Form" to display the main WallPaper24 Interface. This main form shows you the currently set wallpaper, the time when this picture has (should have) been set and the time when the next wallpaper will be set.

The Close button closes the application (completely). The Minimize button minimizes the WallPaper24 application to the System Tray.


To conserve your precious computer resources, it is possible to stop the WallPaper24 application from dynamically changing your wallpaper. You can do this either by choosing the "stop"-option from the pop-up menu when rightclicking the WallPaper24 icon in the System Tray, either via pushing the "Stop" button on the main form.

If the dynamic WallPaper changing process has been stopped, the button and menu-item change to "Start", allowing you to start the Dynamic WallPaper changing process.

If none or only 1 picture are available as candidate wallpapers, the starting the Dynamic WallPaper changing process has no effect.

Selecting Candidate WallPapers

Selecting the pictures you want to use as WallPaper is very easy: Open up the "Tools" menu from the Main Form. Select the option "WallPaper Folders...". A new windows will pop up.

By default the "My Pictures" folder is chosen for as folder containing your candidate wallpapers. You can add multiple folders using the "Add Folder..." button. A window will pop-up allowing you to navigate to the folder containing your candidate wallpaper pictures. The selected folder and all eventual subfolders will be taken into account.

By default only JPEG files will be taken into account (.jpg and .jpeg). This is the recommended configuration, but you can add or remove file types as you want. Take into account, that the "File Creation Time" will taken as "Time the picture was taken".

When clicking OK, the folder will be scanned and the candidate pictures will be added.

WallPaper Style

Several types of WallPaper styles are supported. Keep into account that your Operating System version might not support all modes. Available modes are:

  • Tiled
  • Center
  • Stretched
  • Fit
  • Fill

This option is accessible via the option "WallPaper Style" in the "Tools" menu of the Main Form.

Program Settings

Program Settings are available via the "Tools"-menu on the "Main Form". Next select the option "Program Settings", a new windows will open up. This window will allow you to:

  •  Start the WallPaper24 application automatically
  • Minimize the WallPaper24 application to the System Tray
  • Show/Hide Balloon tips
  • Enable Debugging Logging (to troubleshoot issues)


WallPaper24 will check the folders you indicated with candidate WallPapers only once and build up a kind of dictionary with those images. Afterwards, WallPaper24 relies on this index. However over time, pictures might be added to or removed from those folders, but WallPaper24 will not notice this, because the index (dictionary) is not update automatically.

Index Rebuilding

If you want WallPaper24 to take into account the changes that have been made in those folders, you should instruct WallPaper24 to update its dictionary. To do this, select the option "Rebuild Index" from the "Tools" menu on the "Main Form".

Index Configuration

WallPaper24 will select the first wallpaper (at startup) the following way:

  • Search the wallpaper with a timestamp (hour, minutes, seconds) before the current time.
  • Select the WallPaper from this set, as close as possible to the current time
  • When the difference in time + date to the next wallpaper elapses, the next WallPaper is set on the desktop.
  • Keep in mind that the date is taken into account to select the next wallpaper. The elapse time between wallpapers can be larger than 24h.

To configure WallPaper24 to function as described above, select the option "Keep Track Of Date" from the "WallPaper Indexing" submenu, available in the "Tools" menu on the "Main Form".

Alternatively, WallPaper24 can be configured to ignore the date field to select a next wallpaper. As a result, the elapse time between two wallpapers will always be smaller than 24h. To configure WallPaper24 as such, select the option "Ignore Date" from the "WallPaper Indexing" submenu, available in the "Tools" menu on the "Main Form".

Changing the "Indexing" option, will result in a complete rebuild of the index.


To configure your WallPaper24 License details, use the window available via the "Licensing..." option from the "Tools" menu available on the "Main Form". Enter the name of the Licensee in the textbox labelled "This Product Will be Licensed To". You can enter your demo or permanent Licensekey in the field "Please Enther your unique WallPaper24 Registration Code to activate your license"

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